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Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting Machine

Made in China


  • Total Capacity :      1000sqm / day
  • Supported Glass Size: 3000mm  x  3000mm
  • Supported Glass Type: All  Types of Glasses


Sandblasting is one way of etching glass that creates a look associated with frosted glass.

Sand is naturally abrasive and when combined with fast moving air, will wear away at a surface. The longer the sandblasting technique is applied to an area, the more the sand will wear away at the surface and the deeper the cut.

Sandblasting allows for greater variation through the use of different degrees of coarseness in sand, and also for depth blasting, giving the finished product a rich textured appearance. Sandblasting is essentially the process of blasting the surface of glass with grit which peppers the surface, giving it a milky white appearance.


Here are some sample work done by Abbas Glass Industry