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PVB Lamination Machine

PVB-Lamination Machine
PVB-Lamination Machine
PVB Lamination Machine
PVB-Lamination Machine
PVB-Lamination Machine

PVB Lamination

Made in China


  •  Vacuum bag size:          2000mm x 3200mm
  • Max glass thickness:    19mm + 19mm
  • Min glass thickness:    3mm + 3mm
  • Machine dimension:   3500mm x 2260mm x 1200mm approx.


PVB Laminating process makes an architecture and bulletproof glass by using two or more pieces of glass bonded between one or more piece of PVB using heat and pressure.

The laminating of glass has become increasingly popular in recent years as specifiers and architects prefer the safety properties of the product to single toughened glass. Laminated toughened is now the product of choice in commercial building projects around the UK, US, UAE and beyond. There are two types of laminating – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film and Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) film. Both are two different polymer materials that can be used for glass laminated structures.

The PVB has been the reference material for the glass lamination on building construction and transportation industries for many years. EVA is challenging currently PVB as a lamination material because of some advantageous properties. In fact is a good material also for such type of applications, and is able to fulfil all the key properties that are required to PVB today. Not just that, it is also able to overcome some of the drawbacks of the PVB, outperforming PVB. Due to the lower adhesive properties of PVB, the film needs to be processed in autoclaves, where the pressure applied to the lamination structures helps to improve the limited properties of PVB. This process requires larger production lines and higher volumes of glass to be produced. EVA on the other hand, can be produced is small quantities in smaller workshops and requires a far lower initial investment in machinery.

Abbas Glass Machines


Main Cabin:

* The main body of the machine is made from high tensile steel to support large workload

* Able to produce single piece or multi piece per batch load (see different models)

* High quality tear resistant rubber bags with finger closure for leak proof seal

* Air assisted opening/closing main cabin door

* Insulated cabin walls to retain heat and shorten start up times

PLC control system:

All machines functions are controlled via PLC touch screen controls.  All parameters can be easily set and adjusted for quick operation for many different types of applications.  The PLC also controls the temperature which is regulated by means of adjusting voltage to the heating element, resulting in very accurate temperature control.

Heating Elements:

The heating elements are placed in a horizontal direction which is parallel to the glass surface.  The heating is provided with electric radiant heat and is evenly distrubuted with the assisstance of 2 convection fans for very precise heating.  This setup will quickly reach the target temperature, to save time and power consumption.


The Abbas Glass Group offer solutions for both systems. for PVB lines and  for EVA too.