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Land Glass Temper

Land Glass Temper
Land Glass Temper
Land Glass Temper
Land Glass Temper

Land Glass Temper

Made in China


  • Total Capacity :             Unlimited
  • Supported Glass Size : 2200mm  x  4500mm
  • Supported Glass Type :
        • Annealed Clear Glasses
        • Colored Reflective Glasses
        • Low-e & Coated Glasses


Land Glass tempering furnaces are designed to make finished pieces of glass both stronger and safer in the event that they break.

Glass tempering furnaces heat up a piece of glass to a very high temperature, usually over 600° Celsius, and then rapidly cool it uniformly using air jets, a process called quenching.  The rapid cooling causing the surface of the glass to undergo extreme compression, making it much stronger against impacts and heat shock.  Additionally, due to the intense pressures within the glass, if the glass fails, it shatters into several tiny and relatively spherical pieces, making it much less likely for people to become injured from the shards.

With the development of the glass industry, the B type bending and tempering furnace, which was originally made for tempering small size glasses, was continuously redesigned to fit bigger glass sizes for the architectural glass market. After that, LandGlass introduced the AB Flat & Bent Bi-Direction Glass Tempering Furnace. This type of furnace has both a bent and a flat tempering section at the two ends of the heating furnace. It can temper flat or bent glass by loading the glass from different direction. Equipped with JetConvection heating technology, it can bend and temper off-line and online low-e and other highly demanding glasses.

Abbas Glass Machines

JetConvection PlusTM Convection heating plays an important role during glass heating. Air is heated in the JetConvection chamber inside the heating furnace and is blown onto the glass surfaces. Air is then recirculated and recirculated by the convection blowers into the JetConvection chamber. LandGlass JetConvection technology enhances the quality of the final product and increases productivity by ensuring an even heating, while minimizing production costs.